Monday, November 21, 2016

Baby B2: Six Months Old

Stephen Christopher is on the cusp of so many changes right now! We're dabbling in some pureed foods, he's starting to get the idea of rolling on to his tummy, and he loves sitting up with help.  He's a pro at scooting around on his back, reaching for his toys and chewing on everything. And he's babbling and making more sounds all of the time. At his 6-month check up this morning he weighed in at 14 lbs 15.5 oz -- just half an ounce shy of 15 pounds! He is 26.5 inches tall.

Stephen loves joining William and I for a story, but loves playing with the paper even more than listening. William has been very concerned for the safety of his books and rightly so!

Foods he has tasted so far: bananas, pear, sweet potato, squash, avocado, and green beans. He has loved it all! Secretly, I think he just likes having the spoon in his mouth so he'll deal with whatever is on it as a means to get it!

I attempted to use my blocks to spell out "six months" but within one second he had knocked them down and I didn't have the energy to put up with that! This will have to do! (William did the same thing!)

Nursing is improving some. Day time feeds are hit or miss. Sometimes he is just too interested in everything else around me to eat . .  . the light, the shadows on the wall, big brother, etc. . We enjoy our night time feeds the best. We're warm and cozy and very sleepy so he stays put a little longer. (I haven't mentioned nursing much; it's been a struggle and we've had a hard road so far. Most of it is similar to how it went with William. We supplement with formula.) I get up with him twice a night to feed him, if he wakes more often he is pretty good to fall back asleep on his own (Praise the Lord!). We're so thankful for the 4-6 hour stretches of sleep he gives us!

He's growing out of his swaddle sleep sacks and showing interest in rolling over so we're exploring the arms-out sleeping now. The first night was a success!

William has been sick a lot this last month and Stephen caught a bit of it too. He handled it like a champ and I'm thankful most of it seems to have passed. He had a terrible cough for 2 weeks; I thought it would never leave!

We had a visit from Nana & Papa a few weeks ago and had some fun outings for Halloween last month. Other than that, we're enjoying our routines around the house. (It's a little challenging to get out of the house when baby should be taking three naps!)

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