Thursday, November 3, 2016

I Love Fall!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. And this year, some days are actually feeling like fall in San Francisco! There are even crisp colorful leaves falling from the trees. And rain! I think my favorite part of the season is the change of color . . . and the food!

Last week we met up with some friends at the pumpkin patch in the city. William was quick to claim a wheelbarrow to hall around our one pumpkin. And I was quick to photograph (and pose) everything!

Monday of course was Halloween! Stephen had two costumes in his size and so did William. So we dressed up as super heroes in the morning and wild animals in the afternoon. I took Stephen into the office that morning and flew him around my co-workers. They loved it. I think he did too!

After naps and work we headed out with some friends to Cortland Ave to take advantage of the neighborhood festivities. All the businesses stay open and hand out candy to the kids. It's easy and a lot of fun. And the rain held off until the very end! William came out with at least a pound of candy. . . and ran laps around our apartment for 20 minutes when we got home! (The sugar high is real people!)

I was a cat last year and the costume worked gain with our theme of wild animals. I said I was a panther this year! And our friends, a giraffe and rhinoceros (and cut off in the photo below a monkey and a lion) made the outing extra fun. William and Eleanore even had a impromptu "Ring around the Rosie" on the sidewalk! I love their friendship!

Happy Fall everyone!

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