Thursday, January 19, 2017

Baby B2: Eight Months Old

Thanks to our little nephew Wesley, who showed off his sitting skills over the Christmas holiday, Stephen can now sit up for a while on his own! This usually ends in cries as he has fallen down and can't get back up (don't worry, we usually remember to put a pillow behind him!). His favorite activity while sitting is to dig through his toy box and dump out the contents.

Speaking of favorite things, this kid loves bath time. We still use an infant chair that props him up but he will often scoot to the bottom and kick his legs with reckless abandon splashing himself and me with glee. I've gotten soaked on more than one occasion--William told me to just close the shower door when he does that. His last few minutes of bath time are without the chair and I just hold him up in a sitting position. Then his hands get to explore the tub and finger through the water--and splash some more. So much splashing!

He is very creative when it comes to being mobile. Rolling over, inching around on his back and now even squirming on his tummy; he will get himself where he wants to go. Crawling is probably just a week or two away. This week he has gotten up on hands and knees a few times and will rock back and forth. He's catching on.

A couple days after Christmas, Stephen cut his first tooth! And on New Year's Eve, right before we said our goodbyes, Nana discovered his second tooth. I was thankful for the extra hands in helping comfort this little guy. No real signs of any more quite yet, but the amount of drool pooling out would say there will be soon.

Stephen loves food. Usually, I will make my own purees of vegetables and fruit we have at home, but I have also used store bought baby food. I'm looking forward to introducing him to finger foods soon. He loves his mesh feeder -- he has chewed on apples, pears, strawberries and bananas so far. It's really fun to see how excited he gets about food. I hope he keeps the excitement as he gets older and can eat what we are eating! We found a high-chair for him so William doesn't have to share his anymore. Stephen loves joining us for meals around the table. (We love it too as long as we keep him far enough away so he doesn't grab anything!)

He is still wearing his 6 month clothing even though he has grown an inch and gained a pound in the last month. (Now at 16.8 pounds and 27.5 inches.) Some footie pajamas are now a little tight but onesies, shirts and pants are still fitting well.

Stephen loves to make noise. I can't really spell the kind of sounds he creates but it varies from shouts "Ah-Ah!" to babbling. He also loves blowing raspberries/spitting too. I cherish all these sounds as they remind me that my baby is a cheerful, content little boy and no longer fussy with colic. It's music to my ears!

Sleep is still a struggle. After Christmas travels we got sick and needed to be fed and rocked numerous times each night. His naps are short enough to warrant three naps during the day but I cannot get him to actually take a third nap which makes the afternoons hard. Now that I'm not working I hope to spend a little more time and energy getting him to sleep better/longer.

This month has been fun! Looking forward to all the changes to come! (Especially if William is gives any indication of what that might look like!

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