Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Drama in the Bike Lane

I've been riding my bike for about six months now. Most of the time things go really well. I feel pretty comfortable out there on the roads. Having a bike has become a convenience for me. I can get just about anywhere faster than driving, I get a workout without having to go the gym, and it gets me outside.

That being said, there are things that aren't so great about being a biker. Like falling (which I've already shared with you), or riding in thick traffic, avoiding cars that don't see you, and maneuvering around all sorts of things in the road. I've heard so many stories of bikers getting hit by cars, of bikers running into pedestrians, bikes being stolen, etc. It would be easy to let fear stop me from riding. But I can't let it.

Today, I rode my bike to the gym after work, locked it up as I always do and headed inside. After twenty minutes of mat/core work I walked over to the elliptical machine which is near a window. My bike was parked right in front of the window. It was still there, but it looked different. I couldn't quite figure it out right away, but then I realized . . . the seat was missing. Argh. Seriously! Someone stole my bike seat (and the post)! Attached to the seat post was also my blinking tail light.

Again, I found myself struck by fear; I felt a little violated. It had only been twenty minutes since I'd locked up my bike, it was broad daylight and on a busy street. Someone later said, "They were probably watching you." -- That just makes it worse! I don't want to be watched. (Maybe I need to change my daily routine . . . )

Anyway, I called my husband who so chivalrously picked me up from the gym and took my bike home. But now I have a bike without a seat. I don't think it will be too expensive to replace, it's just a huge inconvenience. I'm really not one of those stand-up-while-you-ride type of girls, actually with my sensitive back, I've never even tried! It may be a few days until I can get it fixed and be back on the road.

So, there's one more aspect of being a biker in this city I can add to my list of experiences.

At least I still have the bike!


Millersoctober said...

Hey Em!

My friends Kari and Bret used to live in Chicago. When I was helping them pack up to move last Saturday Kari mentioned that they'd had THREE (if I'm remembering it correctly) bikes stolen from them while in Chicago ---along with all four of their tires when they moved to the last apartment they stayed in there before moving to Boulder for a few months! Kari was shocked that the people in her apartment complex left their bikes on their balconies on a regular basis because in Chicago that would have been a guaranteed theft.

Anyhow, I'm sorry about your bike. :( But, of course, mad props for riding it about town! I'm still not convinced that any bike I rode would actually stop! :P

Buckhouses said...

Emily, I am so sorry about your seat. That is scary to know how easily and quickly something can be stolen. I wonder if you can get a seat lock, and a wheel lock, and a handlebar lock, and a blinking light lock...
I am very proud of you for looking at the bright side though. You still have the bike!

Sheryl B said...

I have never thought of my seat being stolen! I mean, really, how much can be locked up anyway! So sorry to hear and hope you can replace soon and get back on the road. Love you, Em. MomB.