Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect Date Relived

On Friday night, I got a call from my husband who was suspiciously late coming home from work.  He said something to the effect of, "Honey, we're going to out tonight. You need to dress nice and be ready to go in 40 minutes."

He had prepared me for this crazy-spontaneous-surprise date idea a few weeks back when he asked if I would be open to going on a nice date with little to no notice. He wouldn't know when it would be, but he thought I would really like it. So I said sure. (He has never been wrong about those kinds of things).

So, I put on a dress and heels (which I never wear) and was ready when he got home. We drove downtown and on the walk to the restaurant I commented on how this restaurant was in the same area as a Thai place we had been before. Chris confessed we were actually going to that same place.

As we sat down to eat I asked him a few questions about what we might be doing after dinner. Things like how far we would need to walk and what time we had to be there. He told me I needed to stop asking questions. (I must have been getting close.)

I turned to him and said, "Are we going to Wicked?" He couldn't deny it, "Yes, we are!"

And so it hit me that this was the exact same date we had gone on three years ago! Chris's parents got us tickets to see Wicked for Christmas when it was in the city in 2009 shortly after we moved from Colorado. It was one of our first times downtown at night. We had eaten at this same Thai restaurant and walked a few blocks to the theater and enjoyed my first Broadway musical. I loved it. It's one of my favorite dates.

And I got to do it twice!

Chris had found out that the theater was doing a lottery where twelve people would have an opportunity to buy $25 tickets (instead of the $100+ price). He had planned to enter the lottery every night until he won so we could see the show again. He didn't expect his name to be the fourth one called on the very first night he tried! But it was!

We had a great time. The seats were a little off to the side (read: not the super greatest), but the show was still incredible and the music just as splendid as the first time we saw it. And totally affordable!

Honey, thanks for planning such a perfect date . . . again!

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