Thursday, February 7, 2013

Will it ever be "normal"?

The last four months at my job have been a lot different than the previous two years. My job is normally so routine and mundane, there is very little to talk about when someone says, "How's work going?" But lately, that is not the case . . .and it's not about to change either. At least for the time being.

I started out at my employer being a temp for their data entry department; who would have thought I'd actually be pretty good at it and be offered a full time job? Well, God apparently, because it was a gift from Him for sure!

About a year later I applied internally for a marketing/sales position, but it was offered to someone else. I was fine with that especially since they let me work in that department half-time so I could learn the ropes and get more experience in marketing and sales. I've really enjoyed being a part of both departments and the variety was definitely a good thing.

Shortly after that I was asked to learn part of another person's job so I could be his back-up if he was on vacation. And soon after that I was asked to learn yet another role . . . and another.

Since November of last year, I have been doing a little bit of my job and a lot of other people's roles. It hasn't been everyday, but it sure feels like it. It's a little exhausting. Especially since I don't know those other role's as well as I know my own.

I was on the phone with my mom the other day, telling her all of this and I had said, "It should be back to normal on Tuesday, when so-and-so gets back from vacation." I was really looking forward to it. Well, on Monday, I found that said so-and-so was in the hospital for a broken toe . . . and would be out for several more weeks. What?

Most of the time, I'm thankful for a change in pace, but now . . . I would like my routine back. That's not something that I can really ask for right now though because as I mentioned, the reasons I end up covering other people's projects is because of illness or injury. I'm glad to help, I really am. But I feel stretched too thin, tired . . . I want to go back to "normal." I want to remember what normal felt like.

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