Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Road Home

The Road Home by Tommy Teny and Mark Andrew Olsen is a retelling of the story of Ruth and Naomi set in the United States in this century instead of Israel. I love the story of Ruth, but sometimes I feel like the cultural significance can get lost on me with my little understanding of the times, culture, and traditions.

This book is in no way a substitute for scripture but rather a way for us to grasp the story within our own cultural references. It does take liberties with the characters, for example: Ruth who we know very little about her past in the Bible is an orphan girl who finds herself as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. Naomi's boys aren't described as the most wonderful of men either.

But the story of Naomi and Ruth making their way back to Naomi's home and her people (who are Mennonite in this story) does bring to life what they may have been through.  It was difficult, emotional, and they not at all certain of what would happen upon their arrival. Would people accept them? Would they find work? Have food?

It was a decent read, but not one I would highly recommend. It was a freebie someone was passing off and you know how I can't say no to a free book!

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