Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. But really, we tried to celebrate all weekend long. After all, it was his 30th Birthday -- and he is incredible and deserved to be celebrated.

On Friday night, I took him out for a surprise Birthday date. My husband would rather do something fun like go to a concert or DisneyLand (of course) with me than have me go out and buy him something that he could get for himself. He's all about the experience, where as I, love the gifts.

So this weekend was all about the experience. I had been racking my brain with what we should do; a concert he really wanted to go to was out of our price range, and nothing else seemed to jump out at me . . . until the last minute.

A while ago, Chris mentioned that he wanted to see the Walt Disney Family Museum which is somewhat-new to the city. As I was pursing their website I discovered that once a month they keep the museum open late, bring in a DJ,  a food truck, a few bartenders, and a few other fun activities and have what they called "Animate Your Night" for people over 21. And as my luck would have it, this was going to happen the Friday before his birthday! Perfect! And the theme of the night was stop-motion. Even better! (Chris loves stop-motion movies.) Their special presentation was sold out already but I decided we should go and see the museum and enjoy the party atmosphere anyway.

We had a blast! We got to make our own stop motion short (short as in 3 seconds), have great food and drinks (non-alcoholic for me, of course) and wander through the vast museum of the history of Walt Disney. It was very cool. They had a lot of multimedia presentations and interviews with Walt.  It was more about him and how he became what we know him for than about Disney movies, but there were plenty of those shown and talked about too! They also have a miniature model of DisneyLand! (Not quite as awesome as actually going to the theme park, but it was still cool).

Then on Sunday, the big day, we got our friends together for brunch at Boogaloos, a small place in the Mission known for their breakfast that we had not tried yet. Then we headed back to our apartment for wine and cheese (okay they had the wine, I had water) and watched the newly released Les Miserables DVD. It was such a fun day with friends! Just what Chris wanted.

It was also one of the few times most of our friends were together, so we took that opportunity to spill our secret that we are expecting! (More on that later.)

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you entirely!

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