Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trying to spice things up

I feel like it's been forever since I've written, had anything to really say or share. But I want to. I think about it almost everyday. I've been a little preoccupied lately, mostly with my own thoughts. Thoughts about starting my own photography (side) business, thoughts about my husband switching careers, thoughts about redecorating our apartment on a (very tight) budget.

I've been searching Craigslist nonstop for almost a month now looking for some sort of china hutch/cabinet that I can use as a pantry. I'll have to show you are current set up, which isn't bad, but leaves something to be desired. We've looked at one, but it wasn't right. I've contacted sellers only to find the actual measurements were just too big. Or people just ask too much for used furniture (in my opinion).

I've also been looking for a new entry way table/dresser. Something with storage options. Currently all of my craft supplies sit next to my bed and it is not pretty. I hate seeing my beloved hobbies sitting in disarray. I'd love to be able to store my sewing, card making, and photography supplies in a more organized fashion (and out of my sight).

I'm struggling. I've never been very good at picking out furniture and it's much harder when you have limited cash to spend. In the past when we've purchased furniture it has been completely functional which is fine, but I'm starting to want to show some taste or design in our home. I want it to be "pretty" if you will. Pinterest is great for ideas, but sometimes completely overwhelming. Where do people find this stuff and how long did it take them to find it? 

I love where we live and the space we have, but living in a one bedroom apartment has it's challenges. I think adding a few key pieces of furniture with more storage elements will really help . . . I just need to find them!

When in need of used/reasonably priced furniture, where do you look?

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