Saturday, September 27, 2014

1st Birthday Party

Last year, exactly one week before William was born, our good friends had a baby boy, Rowen. We've tried to do regular play-dates and babysitting swaps and we finally have a regular routine where they see each other twice a week. It seemed fitting to have a joint birthday party as we have the same community of friends in the city.

Today was the day! And it was perfect: the sun was shining and it wasn't too windy. Just right. William had his regular nap and was well rested for his big day in the park. Chris headed to the park early to help set up and decorate. I stayed behind to get William ready and pick up [some of] the food.

We had 15-20 people meet us at the park for a light lunch, drinks, and dessert. We set out blankets and chairs for friends to bask in the sun and we had a large fenced off area with a ball pit for the kids --which was amazing and turned out to be a hit with all the littles.

William LOVED the ball pit and exploring in the grass. He is so mobile (not yet walking, though) that I felt like either Chris or I were following him around constantly. I don't think either one of us finished a conversation the whole afternoon. (That's life with kids!)

I made the boys matching "ONE" onesies with their names on the back. It was my first time doing anything with Heat and Bond. I enjoyed doing it and may try to find an excuse to do it again!

I had made banana/applesauce sugar-free cakes for the boys with whipped cream. I can't say they really got into it, but at least they touched it! (I have no pictures because I was on cake duty!)

And two hours later, we headed home to give our little man a nap. William did such a great job with everyone -- and looked like he was having fun, too! Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine!

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