Monday, September 15, 2014

Walk for Life 2014: Join me!

In just 40 days, the Alpha Pregnancy Center will be hosting their annual Walk for Life Event. I've already signed up and said I would lead a team! Will you join me?

If you live in San Francisco, I ask you to strongly consider joining me for this event. It's on October 25th from 9 - 1:30. You can read more details here. You won't be disappointed! This is a great opportunity to learn more about Alpha and experience being a part of the blessing they are to this city. I love this organization and I love this event!

If you are not in the Bay Area, I eagerly ask you to partner with me and sponsor my walk. I've signed up to walk 3-4 miles and lead a team. If time allows, I'd like to do more and help with setting up the event too.

I missed doing the walk last year as my baby boy was just 19 days old and I was still pretty out of it. But this year, I'm ready! And this year, I have a better understanding of how much help families need to raise their children! I have been surrounded by such gracious and generous people in my church, family and community; I have been truly blessed during this first year of raising William. I cannot imagine being a parent without a strong support system. Many of these families don't have that. Many of these families have very limited resources. So limited in fact, that many of them consider death an option.

Alpha Pregnancy Center started offering ultrasounds this year! They have been trying to get the funding and personnel to do this for years and the time finally came! With this new program they are able to offer women a chance to see the life growing inside them -- for free! And seeing life makes death a much harder option. They also offer resources to help these families raise their children for years to come. Alpha offers parenting classes, counseling and tangible goods like cribs, clothes, diapers and so much more. They are the support system for so many families!

Please consider sponsoring my walk or giving to them on a regular basis! They are a bright light in this city that often feels full of darkness.

**You can give online using my crowdrise site or by mailing a check to me -- email me for my address!

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