Monday, September 8, 2014

More Handmade Gifts for Babies

Another baby-wave has hit our community and four babies were/will be born this late summer/early fall. The thought of William having playmates this time next year is really exciting. For now, I'm tasked with making sure my baby doesn't beat up your (newborn) baby!

There are a few things I've discovered since making baby-related crafts for myself. So, as I work on them for others, I find myself trying to make improvements and changes.

The first gift set was two burp cloths and a matching changing pad. These things we used a ton with William so I felt confident in gifting this set to my new-mother-friend. She had a little boy so, without really knowing a nursery theme, went with the bright, circle fabrics I had left over from this quilt. (I always buy extra of the fabrics I love, that way I can make several things from it.)

The second gift set as a bit more of a story. This new-mother-friend is an artist and has had her prints made into several things like stationary and fabric. So, I found out where she had her fabric made, and had some printed just for her gifts. I didn't let her pick it out, so here's hoping that she liked this particular design! I used some blue fabric I had in my stash as an accent color which I think added a nice touch. I made her a nursing cover and a matching changing pad.

I used my nursing cover often for the first four months. After that, William just hated being under-cover. So, I realize that this may be the gift with the shorter lifespan, but I still enjoyed making it. There is also so much talk going on (on the web) regarding covering up or not, and honestly, I'm fine with either one (my husband might not agree). So, if there were people I was around who might have been put-off, I'll put one on. Not sure how this new-mother-friend feels about it, but at least now she'll have an option. And it's cute, so maybe she'll want to! Or better yet, maybe someone will ask about the fabric and she'll get asked to do a piece for them!

Can't wait to meet these babies!

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