Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby B: Eleven Months

William is now eleven months old! Just 30 days shy of one whole year! In some respects, I feel like not much has changed since my last update, but that is just not true. William is doing more of everything.

He's eating bigger meals--I have a hard time remembering to add his menu to my grocery list though. It seems like cooking for three is not as easy as cooking for two. Current favorites are meatballs, black beans and rice. I still serve pureed food with each meal but it doesn't get as much attention as the food he can feed/throw himself. Unfortunately, our dining room is carpeted so Chris and I keep busy on our hands and knees after meal time.

He's walking with help--no longer content to travel on hands-and-knees, he must walk everywhere, which means I must go with him and hold his little hands! He has stood by himself a handful of times, but for no longer than a couple of seconds.

He's engaging with his toys--if the car has wheels, he will spin them; if the blocks are stacked, he will push them over; if it can play music, it will. Reading seems to have taken a backseat to the toys this month. We still get to read plenty, but not all day long. His attention span is much shorter now he moves from toy to toy all the time. Peek-a-boo is still a favorite, especially if you're hiding behind a corner--he'll come crawling at full speed toward you with a full smile and giggles. More recently, he has started crawling over to his book/toy shelf to pick out what he wants to play with (verses the toys we pick out each day).

He's talking more--not that we can understand him. But he gaa's and goo's, ba's and dat's all day long. He talks and sings as if he knows what he's saying . . . and he probably does!

A couple of weeks ago, William had a fairly high temperature for a couple of days. I ended up taking him into the doctor but they told us to wait it out and keep on with the ibuprofen. We were quite scared and worried about him but he pulled through the very next day.  But from that appointment, I know that he now weighs 18 lbs. 8 oz. Overall, we have been very blessed with a healthy baby.

William is a joy to spend my days with. We go on daily walks (with the stroller) to the park, library or grocery store and take car trips to my office every other day or so. He loves seeing people (and getting special attention). He continues to nap and sleep well, but is still an early riser.

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