Saturday, February 28, 2015

Grandma & Grandpa Hagen in The City

My parents were in San Francisco for a 5-day weekend (Thursday night to Tuesday evening) after attending a veterinary conference in Las Vegas. You can't come that far west and not see us! Or, at least that is what my mom says! We loved having them here with us and although we're still in our little one bedroom apartment, it didn't feel as crowded as I anticipated.

I had to work on Friday, so they got to see how I manage my work-from-home career with William. We went to the park together, ran a few errands and came home for lunch. They watched William for me so I could run into the office and then Grandpa played with him while I worked and Grandma made dinner. (I decided since then, that I could really go for a nanny and cook). We had my cousin and her husband over for dinner that night and it was fun to catch up. We don't see them often enough, so when family visits the city, it's a must!

On Saturday we took my parents to Sonoma to go wine tasting. This is something we had not gotten to do with them before. We got a sitter for William because we didn't think he'd handle the outing very well. And although Grandma was sad to leave him for any amount of time, really enjoyed herself. My dad had a pleasant time but after three wineries said he was finished (which was good, because we needed to get home anyway). We went to B.R. Cohn, Jacuzzi and Cline.

I really enjoyed our day together; I don't think we've ever done something with just the four of us before. It was great to have some uninterrupted time together and share an experience that we really enjoy.

Sunday was our big Oscar Party, but before that was the Alemany Flea Market and church. The flea market was the only request my dad had made before coming. If you know my dad, you get it. I was very proud of him for limiting his purchases to items that would fit in his luggage this time! It was a busy day, but very fun.

On Monday, my husband took my parents to the Golden Gate Bridge so my dad could run across it and back. He's a 5K addict so it was just about the perfect length. He did it in 24 minutes. SuperDad! He got the most perfect day for it; the sky was clear, it was a little breezy but not cold. William and I met them in a park and ate In 'n Out burgers for lunch when they got back. And that afternoon we rested.

Tuesday was pretty low key. The Grandparents, William and I headed to the park to play in the morning. I took the opportunity to show them more of my neighborhood and point out the places we frequent. My hope was they'd see more of our daily lives and get a feel for it. I think they caught the feeling of walking up hill all of the time.

I had a dentist appointment that afternoon so they babysat for me and then after William's nap it was time to take them to the airport. It was sad to say good bye. Their visit really did feel short. We talk often enough that it doesn't feel like much time had passed since the last time I had seen them, but it had been nearly six months. I'm so thankful they came to see us and that William seemed to bond with them well with Duplos and books.

I tried to be intentional in taking photographs of William with Grandma and Grandpa, but it seemed that whenever I made my presence known, William ran toward me or started crying. So, most of the time it seemed better to enjoy the moment rather than try to document it all.

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