Sunday, February 1, 2015

Toddler Boy: 16 Months

Toddler Boy is 16 months old and "so big." I was originally going to wait to do an update until he hit the 18 month mark, but I couldn't wait any longer. So much has changed in the last four months. At his last appointment he measured 33 1/2" tall and 22 lbs 14 oz.

The biggest change is that he's starting to say words! So far we've understood:

  •  Ball
  •  Apple
  •  Up
  •  Cheese
  •  This/That
  •  Da (Dad)
  •  Ma (Mom)
  •  Juice
  •  Pear
  •  Jump
  •  Bath

Not all symbols are sounded out completely, but we've been able to understand what he's saying anyway. I can't describe the relief I feel when I actually know what he's trying to tell me!

The animal sounds he's learned so far:

  •  Dog = wff or panting sound
  •  Cow = Mm
  •  Monkey = Ah Ah Ah
  •  Elephant = Ooooh with arm swinging upward in elephant-trunk-fashion

William signs a little too: milk, more, fish, all done, eat, and yes. We're working on hungry, please and thank you.

He also understand us a lot more, too! We can ask him to put his toys in a basket, spoons in the dishwasher, or close the door and he will usually do so. He knows when dad is going to work and will wave bye-bye and blow kisses. He can stack his blocks (and knock them down) and "vroom" his trucks.

He loves to read. We go through a dozen books before breakfast and repeat them all day long. He's starting to point to things on the pages too. We sing songs and he'll clap or dance along.

Meals are still a little challenging. One day he loves pancakes, the next he doesn't. And so it goes with everything we offer. His favorites are pears, apples, roasted broccoli and bread.

Toddler Boy sleeps fairly well during the night, he will usually stay pretty quiet until 6 a.m. for which we are grateful! He still takes two great daytime naps allowing me to work part-time, we've been told that will change soon.

William is a lot of fun these days! Sure, he likes to whine and demand attention, but usually he's fairly happy to play, read, and stroll/walk outside. He has started to show an interest in being a part of everything we do in the kitchen. He loves to stand up on a chair next to us and see us wash dishes, prep food, load and unload the dishwasher, and be in the refrigerator.

We did a little side-by-side comparison of Baby Babiak at two months and Toddler Boy at sixteen months. He had the same outfit in 0-3 months and 18 months which probably won't fit him much longer.

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