Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Apartment Tour

In June, we will have been in our apartment for five years. FIVE YEARS! I mentioned a while ago that we were looking for a new home, one with an additional bedroom. And the search continues. We've seen a few more since then, but nothing that fit our needs. 

My mind changes on an almost daily basis of how much longer I can handle our living arrangements. The pros and cons lists change all of the time. One minute, I'm content to stay here until we find the perfect next-home; the next moment I'm suggesting we broaden our search outside of city limits or rent out someones basement. Should I stay or should I go now? I struggle to stay content with what I have.

Anyway, enough drama. On to the tour I should have given you four and a half years ago!

We'll start in the kitchen, with a photo taken just weeks after we moved in! Me and my lovely baby sister showing off the kitchen. It looks the same except we've just recently put photos up on that big blank wall!

And the dining room (the photo is also from four and half years ago): We've updated quite a bit but I never have my camera around when it's clean enough to show you! We have a new chandelier (Thank you, Lord) and a new china hutch. The table and chairs are the same old squeaky furniture that was given to us when we moved in! 

the new china hutch:

The living room: At one time we had a computer desk and bookshelf in this space, but now William's toys, clothes, diapers, and everything he owns lives here. On the wall to the bottom left of the photo is our television and DVD collection, everyone has one, so there was really no reason to show it to you.

Here is another angle of the living room so you can see how it appears when you enter our home (I'm standing near the door). Also, the dining room starts right behind the couch on the right side of the photo. Cozy, right!?

And now for the bathroom. Everyone has one of those too, but you would be surprised that they don't all look normal. We've seen some interesting ones in our search and I cannot tell you how grateful we were when we found this place. The bathroom was my favorite. It's not pink, it is all in one room, and there is storage under the sink! And it was very clean. 

The last room in our tour is our bedroom. It looked a little nicer before we squeezed the pack'n play in the corner; the lamp and nightstand were actually near the bed. And we had art on the side wall which was removed in the name of book-storage. 

There you have it! Our home. We love it most of the time. It really is hard to find a place (in our budget) that we like as much as this space. We've been spoiled with things like a dishwasher, laundry in the building, and a bathtub. Some of the places we've looked at don't even have an oven -- just a range on the counter! And a new thing I'm seeing is tiny sinks, as in dishpan size. 

Thanks for reading. I will certainly keep you up-to-date in our apartment hunt. Maybe we can start a reality TV show, "Normal folks trying to Live in San Francisco" 

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