Friday, February 13, 2015

First Swim

A friend invited William and I to a pool for toddler/parent swim time today. I have no photographs to help illustrate how much fun we had, but it was a blast!

I was a bit nervous and perhaps William could tell, because he seemed a little apprehensive, too. This was his first time being in a public pool. (See prior pool experience here.) I wasn't sure he was going to like it or how long he would last . . . and I feared dropping him.

I carried him down the steps until his feet hit the water. He didn't panic or seem too worried, just a little unsure. I sat on the step with William on my knee and I showed him how to splash his feet. He started shivering and looked a little scared.

My friend suggested I carry him "Koala" style (carry him on my hip, and allow him to cling to me). This seemed to ease his tension a bit. We went in a bit deeper. We bounced in the water so it hit his knees, then his bum. He borrowed a water toy from our friend and he seemed more interested. We kept going, swaying from side to side so he could feel the water splash his tummy, then shoulders. We swayed a little faster and then the smiles came!

It only took him 10 minutes or so to warm up. I think having our friends there (mom and baby girl) helped as he could see she was having fun too. We splashed and played, "swam" around and bounced. He loved watching a young boy dive for pool toys that had sunk to the bottom.

He didn't seem to mind getting splashed (at least not as much as he does in the tub!) or getting water in his face. Only once did he try to reach for something under the water and accidentally dunk his face in getting some in his mouth, which scared him.

Other than that, he was all awe and smiles! We will have to go again. It was a blast!
I'm so thankful for my mom-friends who pull me out of my routine to try new things! I think William is too!

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