Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alpha's 2015 Walk for Life: Success

Last time I mentioned the Walk for Life event happening this past weekend I told you that I couldn't participate in the actual walk but was going to try to fundraise for the organization anyway. Well, we had a slight change in our plans and I was able to walk after all! William and I also spent an hour earlier this week helping organize the gifts that were going to be given. This was the first time I've done volunteering with William! I hope we can make that type of thing a regular part of our lives.

Thanks to those who sponsored me early on! I was so encouraged to see the support Alpha has even from outside city borders. And thanks to those who gave at the last minute! I was glad to be able to enter the walk with a grand total of $250 in actual gifts plus two pledges yet to come! Thank you, thank you!!

I didn't reach my goal of raising $1000, but with this year's participation being so last minute, I am being gracious with myself. But that won't stop me from asking you to continue supporting and praying for this amazing organization who loves on women and children in need like no one else in this city.

Now, back to to the event:
A friend of mine actually joined me at the last minute and we were able to walk together on a team of people from Sunset Church. It was her first time on the walk and I was so glad she came! Our team was assigned to two families. The first was actually right next door to the pregnancy center and we had to make that visit quick as the mother was about to be late for work. She was so gracious for all the gifts we brought for her daughter and so thankful for all Alpha has done for her family. She and her mother let us pray for her and we said good bye. Later the grandmother asked if she could get a couple of our event sweatshirts! Of course our team obliged!

Our second family wasn't too far away either. This was a family with two really little kids. We were glad to be able to meet the children and offer prayer for this family as well. The meeting was brief as we handed over our bags of gifts and let them know how loved they are.

From there the team walked to John McLaren Park, we had a wonderful time getting to know each other -- it made the walk go really fast! At the park we joined the rest of the walkers and had a picnic together. The total raised for the walk this year was $11,000 and we had over 150 walkers. The event was a success!

Thanks again for all who sponsored me!

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