Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Hungry Caterpillar" Party

William turned two on October 1, but the first available weekend we had to celebrate with our city friends wasn't until October 11. Chris has always wanted to grill out for a party so when I saw that our neighborhood park had a grill/picnic area I could reserve, I just knew that would be the perfect location. The eating area was also really close to one of William's favorite playgrounds so there would be plenty for the littles to do!

We went with a “Hungry Caterpillar” theme as it has been one of William's favorite books for nearly all two years of his life. And it basically planned the menu for me! Other than the grilled meats we had sliced apples and pears, a bowl of strawberries and oranges, a cheese platter, watermelon and a big salad. And of course, chocolate cupcakes for dessert. We left out the salami, cherry pie, and lolly pops (and I'm sure a few other things).

it kills me that I didn't fix the legs for the picture . . .

To go along with the caterpillar theme, we got green and red balloons and tied them in a row along the railing to look like a caterpillar (blowing in the wind). And I made William's T-shirt (but failed to get a photo before food got all over it).

Nearly twenty of our friends came to the party! Everyone seemed to have a great time – enjoying the food and the playground nearby. They spoiled William with gifts, hugs and “happy birthdays.” When the time came for dessert, we decided to try the candle and see how William did blowing it out. It was a little windy so after a couple of attempts we got the flame to stay long enough for William to try a couple of blows, and with some help, he got it out!

my cousins also came to celebrate! 
(Serious expressions to match William's confusion)

I had ended up spending most of the day at the playground with William and the other moms and kids while the dads hung out by the food and some even helped clean up. It was a fun party and a great excuse to get together.

William understood the concept of presents a lot more this year and enjoyed opening all his gifts – his current favorites are a plastic food cooking set and a dump truck and tractor. He was entirely pleased with the day I am sure and Chris and I had a great time with everyone!

Happy Birthday Little Caterpillar!

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