Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend in Monterey

This past weekend, Chris had a wedding to attend near Monterey, CA so we decided to make a weekend out of it. Its been a while since we've done anything like that. I say Chris and not "we" because they specifically asked for no children to attend and since we didn't bring a babysitter, that meant William and I hung out together instead.

After the Walk for Life, we made the drive down. We stayed at an AirBnB in Marina CA which was nice, but not really kid friendly (wood floors, glass tables, fancy everything). While Chris was at the wedding William and I walked to the beach. When looking at the map, it looked like it was only six city blocks away which is totally doable, but this "city" was all spread out and a block was probably close to half a mile. In the end, it ended up being a four mile walk there and back! Including my walk that morning, I put in well over my 10,000 steps!

It was much colder than I had hoped it would be so we bundled up and got out or sand toys and had an hour of fun before hiking back for dinner. William and I ate at Taco Bell (because Toddler boy loves tacos and nachos and I figured it was better he eat than not). The decor was like a 50's diner and totally great for William's attention span. We actually had a nice little "date" and headed back just in time for bedtime.

Sleep was a little harder to come by that night. It was hot in the room and noisy outside but we had to have the window open. We missed our white noise of the fan from home and the sheets sounded like crinkled newspaper each time we moved. William woke up each time we got out of bed (to adjust the window or use the bathroom) and at one point he started sining "Jesus Loves Me" for nearly 15 minutes. Which is really the sweetest thing ever, but when you are loosing sleep, its not. Sharing a room was hard on all of us.

On Sunday, William woke up at 6 a.m. and we showered, packed our bags and headed to McDonalds! The only place open at 7:30 that had a playground (none of the parks I saw the day before had playgrounds for kids . . . just nature paths and bird watching).

After breakfast we headed to Monterey to see the aquarium. Chris and I had been one other time and we were excited to go again and knew William would love it too. We got there before it opened and stayed until 11:30. William was exhausted by then and it was apparent just how much sleep he missed the night before. But we got to see most of what we wanted to: the penguins, the jelly fish, the open sea aquarium, the touch pools, and several other tanks - sharks, rays, salmon, etc. I think the sharks were William's favorite!

We grabbed a quick lunch and got in the car. We handed William his glass of milk and his lovey and within 15 minutes he was out! He slept most of the way home (which never happens). It was good to be home and have just enough time for grocery shopping and getting the laundry done before we all went to bed for a better night sleep.

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