Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas at Home

This is the first year since we've moved into San Francisco that we'll be staying here for Christmas. We are a little sad that we won't be with either of our families, but also a little excited to experience the holiday with just the three of us. Also, our city has some really amazing things to see at Christmas time which we've never really taken the time to see! (I'm hoping to make time for that this year.)

But for now, let me show you our home decor . . .

First, the tree. We haven't had a tree for the past two Christmas's because 1) we weren't going to be here for at least a week 2) we didn't really have space and 3) William was a baby and then a walking baby and, well safety. But this year, he was ready. And I was so excited. And I love it:

The nativity scene doesn't really change much from year to year, except maybe where I put it. I didn't hide it from William this year. I am risking my ceramic pieces in the name of experience. So far, William has been very gentle and has learned words like "shepherd," "angel," and "wise man." I love that he knows which one is dada and mama. I love that he plays with them. (I'll say that until they break, but like I said, it's about experience.)

Lastly, our stockings. I finally finished William's stocking this year. And we hung them up in a new place, our entry hallway. I love them up there -- it never worked with just two!

I have some garland in a few other places with candles. There is a wreath on the door. But these are my highlights for this year.

Oh, and this:
This is William's first ever take-home craft from a play group (I joined MOPS last month, more to say about that later). When I picked him up, he was so excited to show me and when we got home, he was thrilled to put it on the tree all by himself. ("By self" is a new and often used phrase now.)

 And here's one for Chris:

And for me:

May your home feel bright and merry this Christmas season! If not, come see us!

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