Saturday, December 5, 2015

Was Thanksgiving really last month?

Wow, am I behind. Thanksgiving was a week ago and November is no longer with us. Let me back up even farther to the weekend prior to Thanksgiving and share about back-to-back visitors:

Chris's parents made a brief weekend stop in SF on their way to Hawaii, alas, we could not join them this time. William and I had both been getting over colds so we took it easy and only went out a few times.

On Saturday morning we went for a hike on Mount Davidson. Not sure it really requires a "Mount" being within city limits, but that is what it's called. It was a brisk day but with the sun peaking through the trees and the dew still on the ground it made for a very pretty sight. At the top is a giant white cross, which William named "The Tower." We've been here for five years and this was Chris's first time to see it (and only my second). We do need to get out more.

That afternoon was spent at the park while I got dinner ready and then the evening wrapped up with games.

Sunday began with church and might have had another run to the park before saying farewell to our guests. It was such a quick visit, but I was so thankful to see them as we won't be seeing them for Christmas this year.

The following week, Chris's sister, Shannon stayed with us. We love having her here with us. She was such a good sport to sleep on the floor each night next to us as we all shared the living room. Someday we'll have space for visitors again (I hope).

Even though she was on break from teaching, she had plenty of school work to keep her busy as she's now in a master's program. She spent several afternoons working along side Chris reading and writing papers.

We did make it to the Botanical Gardens together, which was really fun, although cold. I don't think I've been this cold in SF in at least two years. William loved the leaves and the pond with ducks.

She babysat for us one night so we could see the last of the Hunger Games movies. She also helped keep William occupied so I could work a little easier. Shannon has the ability to make anything exciting to this little guy. His imaginative play really took off while she was here. Several of their games became every day occurrences once she left.

On Thanksgiving day, I baked bread in the morning and then after William woke up from his nap we headed over to our friend Kate's house for dinner with her family and a few (7 other) friends. The kids played well enough at the beginning but William couldn't comprehend why mom had to sit down at the table for longer than 5 minutes to eat. The meal was served in courses, which was really fun and fancy, but my little two year old man didn't get it. We even gave him an intermission and took him to the park for 30 minutes. We ended up leaving shortly after the main course to make it home for bed time.

We have much to be thankful for, this mama-friend and her daughter have meant so much to us this year and we were so happy to spend the afternoon with them. For our families and church community, for our jobs (and their paychecks), and our vehicles (when they aren't stolen).

It was a lovely week with Shannon and we were sad to see her go. William was doubly sad in the morning and he woke up to find she had already left on the airplane. (He did enjoy talking about the airplane though).

And now we are in December . . . the month of advent, festivities, too many sweets and a lot of excuses to get together with friends. A wonderful way to finish the year.

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