Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stocking #3: Complete

Two years ago, I started sewing William's stocking. Well, I mean I had cut out all of the fabric and had it ready to sew. . . but there it sat, unfinished until this past October. After his birthday party, I sat down and sewed it all together and hung it on the wall . . . just waiting for December to come.

 I wanted William's stocking to match ours, but not be identical. I was also keenly aware at how time consuming our design had been. So, I made a few adjustments using scraps I had left over from my tree skirt.

The strips are a bit wider and the cuff fabric less busy. Otherwise, it's pretty similar. I was so thrilled to finally be done with it and love how it looks in our hallway with the others. Now I just need to hunt down a "W" ornament to match!

Happy 3rd Christmas William!

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