Friday, March 4, 2016

4th Annual Oscar Party

The Academy Awards were already a week ago! It was a great evening with friends. We kept it a little more low-key, not going over board with the decorations, appetizers or games. With a few adjustments to our living room/bedroom we fit 11 people in our place! (We haven't had more than that since our bed moved into our hosting space).

We had a photo booth set up in our dining area. I couldn't skip that this year as I finally had invested in real props! (Although I did tell Chris that if I had known four years ago that this would be our annual party, I would have invested in a better Oscar.)

William and his friend Eden stole the show until bedtime. I don't think I actually sat down to watch any of the awards until then!

Chris ended up taking home the prize for selecting the most correct award winners on the ballot.  I wasn't too far behind surprisingly! Not sure how many movies we'll get to see this coming year but now we have a gift card to see at least one!

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