Monday, March 28, 2016

While Daddy was Away

Chris has been itching for an opportunity to travel overseas again since our first trip to Europe in 2012. He might not have said as much out loud, but once I got back from Australia in September, I knew he needed it. Around Christmas time, he started making plans to visit friends in the Netherlands and London. Maybe I'll have him tell you about it sometime!

He was away for 7 days and his mom offered to come to San Francisco to help me with William. At first, I didn't think that was really necessary, I'm home with William most of the time anyway although I knew I would be completely exhausted by the half-way point. Last year, Chris had traveled to NYC for four days and although I made it through alright, I knew this time would be more difficult. As the time got closer, I was so thankful she had decided to come! And now that she's gone, I don't know how I would have survived the week without her!

Chris left on Sunday evening, and I would be on my own until Tuesday morning. Monday was a very normal day. We played, read books and I worked. I had a friend over for dinner after William went to sleep and that was lovely.

Sheryl came on Tuesday around noon and played with William all afternoon. I had a dentist appointment which took much longer than I anticipated so it was nice not having to stress about the babysitter. William loved having all of "Nana's" attention and warmed up to her fairly quickly.

Sheryl had decided to stay in a hotel which meant she left shortly after dinner and William had gone to bed. This worked out really well actually because I think both of us just did our bedtime routines and went to bed early. A couple of nights this week, William got out of his bed and came out to ask for something (books, songs, water, potty). Tuesday and Friday nights were the hardest as he got up multiple times. Thankfully he didn't get up in the middle of the night at all and stayed in bed until almost 6 a.m. each day. Only once did he get up at 4 a.m. and needed his sheet tucked in again.

On Wednesday, I had an acupuncture appointment (my first since William was born) and then went to work for the afternoon. It had been away most of the day, but I'm not sure William noticed. Nana is an excellent playmate. I did witness William correcting her when she sang a song differently than I do, which was interesting. Apparently, he takes after his father who used to do the same thing with his teachers.

Nana took William to the Library's story time on Thursday while I went into work again. The timing of her being available to watch William worked out perfectly with some time-demanding stuff happening at the office. Being able to do face-to-face meetings was very helpful. I also ran a few errands that afternoon without a toddler in tow.

On Friday, I had my regular MOPS meeting and invited Sheryl to join us. Our meetings are still pretty small and it was fun to have her experience this newer program with me. The speaker shared about taking the power out of stress and the importance of saying "Thank you" to people as it often breaks down barriers and helps us have a more grateful attitude in nearly any situation. That afternoon we headed for the zoo for a somewhat brief visit. But it was a gorgeous day and really fun! William hadn't been since December and I think he was excited to see his animal friends again (the rhino is still the first on the list).

Sheryl left on Saturday morning after joining us for a leisurely pancake breakfast. William was quite sad when I told him today he had to say good bye. He received a lot of love and individual attention from Nana this week and that is something very special. Next time he sees her, she might be holding a new grand-baby . . . which someone might not like very much.

I was so thankful for all of her help caring for William and helping in the kitchen. I felt very relaxed most of the week and actually had time for myself.

We spent the rest of Saturday running errands and grocery shopping. Easter Sunday was a bit more eventful (in a good way), but you can read about that on a future post. And Monday ended up being a great day too. I had a physical therapy appointment so we had our usual babysitter come over, then I worked during nap time (which was extra long!). A friend and her daughter came to visit for a little while before we headed to the airport to pick up Chris.  And now, he's home in bed! So thankful he was able to get away for the week but even more so that he's back home with us!

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