Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Activities for Toddler Boy

I had two reasons to spend so much time surfing Pinterest for Easter activities this year. 1) I wanted William to understand some of the story as well as have some fun activities to do and 2) I needed to come up with activities to share at our last MOPS meeting. Here's what I found and how they turned out:

1) Resurrection Eggs: Usually the use an 12 eggs but I new my little boy couldn't focus for that long or understand all of it, so when I found a set of 6, it was perfect. Most things were really easy to find or make as well which was a bonus! The link I used is here. I love free printables and this one even tied in the Jesus Story Book Bible, which William loves!

We didn't get through all of the Bible readings this morning, but he played with the eggs for a long time. I might keep them out for the rest of the week and see if we can get through more of it before packing it away.

2) Color Sorting Kit: Not all activities are gospel-centered. Some are just using the egg-theme. Like this one just uses the egg container. I colored the bottom of each section a different color and then piled in the coordinating pom-poms. So far, William loves it. He also loves playing with them like confetti. The more advanced style of this activity is to use numbers at the bottom instead of colors and have the child put that many of an item inside the container. Check out this blog.

3) Activity-focused Egg Hunt: Rather than fill the eggs with candies or prizes, I printed off a list of six silly activities for William to do when he found the egg. Super easy and really fun. You can change the activities based on skill/interest or even add some hard ones they haven't learned yet (like skipping or leap-frog). You could also add activities that take longer like draw a picture, play hide-and-seek or find 10 leaves outside. It could really take all day! I found the idea here.

4) This last one isn't really an activity, but was a fun egg-focused snack. I used the standard rice crispy treat recipe and molded them using the plastic eggs. The kids loved them! I used Pioneer Woman's post for reference as seen here. 

We had a lot of fun with this stuff this year and now I'm fairly well stocked to do it again next year, although we'll have to make some things more challenging I'm sure. It was really fun getting William involved with Easter this year and see him learn through the activities.

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