Sunday, May 8, 2016

Baby B2: Week 36

How far along: 36 Weeks

How big is the baby: 19 inches long and 6.5 pounds (give or take, these stats are from the internet)

Sleep: This is getting a lot harder. My back pain has increased and most often I lie in bed feeling wide awake after feeling exhausted all day.

Best moment of the week: My friends threw me a Baby "Sprinkle" party. It was so fun to spend the afternoon with women I hardly ever get to spend time with (much less child-less time). I felt blessed by their support and adorable gifts for Baby.

Worst moment of the week: feeling all of the emotions. I've had a hard time keeping the tears at bay this week. There are fears I'm having to deal with and a lot of unknowns and it all just feels a little overwhelming right now.

Symptoms: growing belly (that moves) and my ankles are starting to swell some and legs seem stiff. Even though I'm not sleeping well, my energy seems to be up so I'm grateful for that.

Movement: The other day, the baby stretched out and I nearly yelped out loud. It was quite painful. Movements tend to be at night and last a very long time. I try to live in the moment, notice that I'm feeling my unborn child actually live within me and notice him/her in my day. And remember that very soon, I will be holding this baby in my arms!

What I miss: wine, deli sandwiches, and pain-free body.

Food cravings: cereal, chocolate, ice cream . . . you know all the healthy things

Food aversions: healthy things

Maternity clothes: Yes and loving it. Although I find myself staring at all the clothes in my closet that don't fit and wonder why I still have them. Hope to put them back into circulation soon.

Things people say: "You're not very big yet." They ask how I'm feeling. Yesterday I ran into my hair dresser on the sidewalk and he said "Soon? Come get your hair cut before he comes!" (I think it might bother him that I walk by his shop every day and don't fix my hair . . .)

Exercise: None. Just walking . . . and looking at my workout stuff taking up space.

Last appointment: April 25. All is well. Pretty routine appointment that didn't last very long. I also met with a lactation consultant to go over my questions about pumping and timing and everything I had doubts about when I struggled to nurse William. She was super helpful, although revealed some things that might continue to be a challenge for me. I'm praying I don't have supply issues this time around, but after that appointment I was left with a lot of doubts and concerns (see comments about emotions above).

Next Appointment: May 12

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