Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Tribute

This Mother's Day feels a little different for me, its hard to be away from my mom right now. Two weeks ago, she went through major (somewhat of an emergency) surgery. After it was all done, my sister posted the following on Facebook:

My beautiful mother went in to see the doctor for some left sided weakness. They found a subdural hematoma in her brain that resulted from a fall on the ice in February. She was able to have surgery the next morning in Grand Forks and is recovering remarkably. We are all sporting the half shaved head look. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. God is good. My mom is bad ass.
I'm so grateful that my siblings all pulled together to be with her in the hospital and take care of her when she got to go home last Wednesday. But it's hard to be so far away, unable to help, unable to do much of anything but pray. (btw, I did not shave my head.)

My mother has always been there for each of us, no matter what was going on. Whether it was our own doctor's visits, trips to the hospital, taking us to all of our activities or just listening to us cry after a hard day at school/work/life, she has always been there. Willingly giving of herself. And when we had babies, she was there as fast as she was able to get there, taking care of us all.

When my mom called me to tell me she was having surgery, I felt like I was in shock a little. Here I sat, at my desk, 34 weeks pregnant, not sure if I should be getting on a plane or falling to my knees in prayer. I was scared. I'm a worst-case-scenario thinker/worrier so of course my mind went to the dangerous "what if" questions. I called my sisters for support. The next day, my phone played terrible tricks on me while I missed phone calls and text updates, leaving me in a most frustrating place. Three hours after the surgery, I was finally able to hear the news that she had made it through and all had gone according to the plan. Whew! 

And now she is home, recovering with the help of her children (the good ones who didn't move so far away). Follow up tests will be done next week so your prayers are still coveted during this time.

But today, on Mother's Day, I want to share my gratitude for this lady who not only gave me life, but taught me just about everything I know. She was my shining example of a good mama and wife. She demonstrates what love, selflessness and service look like to me and everyone around.

Somehow she made it look easy to raise four kids, work outside the home and have time for school activities and sporting events. After having a child of my own, I can honestly say I don't know how she did it . . . any of it.

Thank you Mother, for all you have done for me and with me in my lifetime. I am so glad you are my mother. So thankful you are recovering well. So excited to see you this summer!

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