Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day: Feeling Celebrated

This is the first year that William has been able to really partake in celebrating his Mama. Yesterday while I was at my baby shower, Chris took him on a "secret adventure" to get ready for today. So this morning, I awoke full of anticipation!

They made me french toast and then brought me my gift. William told me what it was as he handed it to me, but Chris just played it off like he was only talking about a drawing. Then William tried to open the present while I read the cards. Practicing patience is hard! The cards were so cute! A Dr. Seuss themed card from "Thing 1 & Thing 2" with a drawing by William in side just about had me in tears and Chris's card was very sweet and made me feel very loved (as they always do).

The present was a wood frame with wood letters decorating the boarder saying: "Always Mom's Little Guy" with a photo of William and I from Easter.  I could not believe that my husband made a craft with my son just for me! And Chris picked up a really great bath soap/scrub for me as well. It is beautiful and made me feel beautiful and loved and teary-eyed. . . all before 8 a.m.

Earlier in the weekend my cousin had brought me flowers so our table is graced by bright pink peonies and at church all the moms received a flower as well!

It was a lovely day. I am so grateful for my family; so thankful they think the job I do is great . . . not good enough or just okay like my thoughts often tell me.

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