Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Leaving Facebook for Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. In recent years, I haven't been too concerned with "giving up" something or fasting for this season. But lately, I have needed to make a change in the way I use my time and keep my focus on my real life priorities. Since leaving my job, I have found myself reaching for my phone almost without thinking, checking my newsfeed, scanning for something to read... in my quiet moments but also while one or both of my boys are requesting my attention. This was getting out of control. Now was the perfect time.

On Monday, I removed the Facebook app from my phone. And thats when I realized just how addicted I was. I had picked up my phone multiple times to check my feed before I realized why I couldn't find it. Nearly ever hour! Today was my first day without using it on my computer too. Which is typically my biggest nap-time distraction. I can't say this is "hard" because its just a mental/habit change. I can't say I miss it yet. But I can tell a difference. And I can tell in the next two months I will have a great opportunity to be more intentional with my family and friends in real life.

I will miss out on your announcements and status updates (unless you just text them to me!) but to be honest, I need a break from the ads, the suggested posts, sponsored links and even the adorable baby photos (I do so love the two newest boys on my feed!).

On this first day of "fasting" - breaking from Facebook and the habit I've formed to scroll mindlessly instead of intentionally focus on the life before me - has been interesting. Three times I thought of status updates I should type . . . but couldn't. (Even though I rarely update my status!) Curious what I wanted to say?

"Enjoying a sweet "summer" day with friends in the park. Glad for the break in the rain."

"That moment when you your toddler wets the bed during nap time and the washer in the building is broken."

"RSV, will you L-E-A-V-E" -- cause I think we have it again.

Things could get complicated too because there are several groups I'm a part of on Facebook that I really want to participate in. But they can wait too. It's just for a time. Hopefully I'll come back with a better handle on how I want to use my time and my mind.

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