Wednesday, January 25, 2012

City Girl takes on the Bike

When we first moved into the city, I was really excited about the public transportation and Chris was really excited to bike. And those options worked out really well for both of us. The bus took me within blocks of work and Chris could bike to work faster than he could drive there!

Then I started walking to get in some exercise which lasted about 8 months and then I started experiencing pain in my legs and feet. This meant that I had to take the bus all the time. Then my doctor recommended I bike.

To be honest, I resisted. I had never been really big into biking. I grew up in the country and we only rode our bikes on gravel which was not exactly a good time. I remember attempting to ride on the highway in high school which was difficult with semi trucks driving 55-60 mph. next to me. I actually have not been on a bike since then.

The idea of riding a bike with traffic in the city is just not my thing. I'd rather walk on the sidewalk away from cars that could potentially hurt me. I've heard way too many stories to know that it can be dangerous. And I have a strong dislike of wind in my face and traveling at high speeds (water skiing, motorcycle, down hill skiing, some roller coasters and biking all fall into this category).

But, Chris raves about how much he loves riding in the city and how much faster it is than the bus. And he's always saying that I'll love it. He's very encouraging too when it comes to me needing to get my exercise in a safe and pain free way.

The plan has been that Chris would buy a new bike and I would take his. It might be one size too big but I think it'll work for my "trial period." (If I love biking, I can start saving up for my own.)

Well, Chris hasn't purchased his new one yet, but he also hasn't been needing his bike lately. The bike has been sitting there. Staring at me. Begging me to try it. I eye it every night and think, "Okay, tomorrow I will try it." But then it rains. And then I say "I'll wait until Chris buys his bike and then we can go riding together first." But then I feel like that's just my excuse to wait. And the bike just continues to stare at me.

So, I decided I should at least try it. This weekend I bought myself a helmet. Chris's siblings had gotten me a few things I would need for my bike for Christmas, so I was all set. The only thing I needed was courage.

For the past week, I have asked Chris at least one question every day about the bike or biking in the city. I think he could tell I was getting ready. (He was probably laughing at how long "getting ready" was taking me!) He was so patient and helpful in explaining everything to me.

Last night, he had me sit on the bike to make sure the seat adjustment was to my liking. It felt like such a huge step for me. To sit on the bike! (Ha, I'm laughing at myself now. This is just so silly!) Afterwards he asked me, so are you going to ride it tomorrow?

I said, "Yes! Unless I have nightmares."

And I didn't have nightmares at all, I actually slept really well. So, this morning, I got on my bike and went to work. And you know the saying, "It's just like riding a bike?" Well, it's true. It came right back to me and I think it went pretty well. Granted, I've only done it once and I still have to ride home!

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MSDeyle said...

You can't leave it at that!! How did it go besides "really well"? Is it set up so there is a clear path for bikers or do you have to weave in and out of walkers/cars?

I'd be terrified in a big city so I'm proud of your courage!!