Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The High of Couponing

This week I needed to do some serious grocery shopping; our refrigerator was pretty bare when we got back from Las Vegas. I've gotten into a pretty good groove with my menu planning, grocery list making and couponing. Most weeks I can save around $6-$10 more than I did when I wasn't clipping coupons, but this week I felt like I hit the jack-pot! Almost everything I needed to pick up was either on sale, I had a coupon or both! The other bonus was that my husband actually did the shopping for me while I was at work!

When I got home I was excited to look over the receipt -- just to see how everything went and I was blown away! My favorite cereal, Fiber One was on sale and there was a Safeway coupon in the circular plus I had found a coupon online too. My husband bought three boxes for me (cause we have to stalk up when it's on sale), and each box was only $1.25 (instead of $5 each). Amazing!

Pistachios were on sale a few weeks ago but Safeway didn't have them in stock when I went to go pick them up. They were buy 1 get 2 free so I got a rain check. Well, we love pistachios and they aren't cheap so my wonderful husband used the deal twice so we got 6 bags for the price of two and we also had a coupon for a free bag. We bought 7 bags for the price of 2! Awesome!

Campbell's condensed soup was also on sale and I found a coupon. This is one thing I hate paying full price for (since it's not as cheap as it was when I was a kid)! We bought 5 cans for $2. Very nice!

Everything shown in this picture cost me $17.62! If I had bought them while they weren't on sale and without coupons it would have been $62.85 (but I don't know why I would ever do that!)

Getting deals like this just make me want to keep clipping! I wish I could find coupons for everything in my kitchen! I love seeing the results of my planning and shopping trips and knowing that I am saving my family money. It's kind of scary how addicting it can be. No wonder "Extreme Couponing" is actually a TV show!

Needless to say we bought much more than what I photographed. The whole trip cost: $56 and my receipt says we saved $94! And saving 65% makes me really happy!

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