Saturday, March 24, 2012

Black, Red, White

A while ago, back in January-February I read a series called "The Circle Trilogy" by Ted Dekker. The three books individually are called Black, Red, and White. It was recommended to me by my Father-in-law. My sister-in-law had also read them and really enjoyed the series. 

It's a Christian fiction series about someone finding himself in two very real realities, both seem to be on the brink of the end-times. It's also an allegory of redemption. I really enjoyed how the author described the relationship between the people and their "god." He refers to it as the "Great Romance." Their god pursues them, cares for them, and loves them. And the people know him. Although the details of this relationship are completely different from the way we communicate and relate to God and His Son, I thought the story was a great picture of the redemption we received through the death and resurrection of Christ.

The novel is also filled with suspense, violence, and a little romance. Everything you need to get through the entire series on the edge of your seat!

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