Thursday, March 1, 2012

my trip to the drugstore

Before I tell you what I purchased, you need to know that I'm obsessed with couponing and I mean, I check the website more than once a day to make sure I know about every sale. Okay, now that I've publicly proclaimed my obsession (and am starting to think I have a problem) let me tell you about this fantastic deal I found at the CVS drugstore.

They had a sale on their Schick Hydro men's razors. Normally the razor which includes two cartridges will cost around $10 and the replacement cartridge pack of 4 cost $13. Schick introduced this razor not too long ago so coupons are in abundance. I've actually seen them for months but Chris doesn't use that razor so I didn't ever give it a second look. But this sale I could not pass up so I asked him to try it out for me, and he happily obliged.

Anyway, back to the details.

The sale was $8.49 for each. Not a huge price cut. But, CVS runs these promotions where they will give you "ExtraCare" rewards on certain purchases. In this case, they will give you $4 for each purchase in the form of a coupon to use toward your next purchase. That made the deal worth looking into!

But even better, was the fact that I had a $2 off coupon for each of these products! And I also had a $3 off coupon toward my next purchase from a previous sale. Here's what it ended up costing:

Schick Hydro Razor  . . .  $8.49 - 2.00 = $6.49
Schick Hydro 4-pack . . .  $8.49 - 2.00 = $6.49
Total price: $12.98 - $3 = $9.98

That made each razor only $1.66 which is not too bad; actually that's pretty good compared to what I had been paying for his razors.

But then I took that $8 coupon and went back to the store and bought another pack of the cartridges. I had another $2.00 off coupon which left a little left over for a treat and it was all free.

So, let's add that to the total: I paid $9.98 for essentially 10 razors which makes them: $.99 each!

Yes, I'm aware that this stock pile will last us more than half of the year, but seriously, I don't ever want to pay full price for a razor again! And I really hope you won't either!

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