Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Community Movers

A truck, a mini van, a car and 14 people. That's what the neighbor saw when she looked out her window at the house next door. Looked like her new neighbors were moving in!

"How'd you get so many of your friends to help you move?" She asked when she came out to meet them. "I don't think any of my friends would help me if I asked!"

And we all just sort of smiled and shrugged, this is just what we do!

Our friends from church were moving to a different apartment in the city. I'm so thankful they weren't moving away! They had hired movers to get all the furniture but asked if we could help with the rest. Of course we all said yes! (It didn't hurt that they offered to feed us either.)

The neighbor's comment made me stop and think about how great our community of friends really is and how rare it can be. Of course we would help each other move ! We would help whenever and wherever we could! We don't even give it a second thought really. I love the way we all desire to serve one another and carry each other's burdens when we can. It was just a little bonus to have the neighbors witness it in action!

It also brought to mind a bittersweet memory of the last time a group of close friends helped us move: Nearly two and half years ago Chris and I were frantically packing up the rest of our stuff, still deciding what to keep and what to toss when our friends pulled up ready to help us pack up our vehicles. We were far from ready in my mind. But the guys got to work carrying out the boxes that were ready and the girls helped me sort and pack and clean and breathe. By the time I actually walked out of the apartment to see how everything was going, they were almost done getting it all into the car! They even took the stuff that didn't fit to the GoodWill for us! I never could have done it without all of their help. It was so hard to say goodbye but at the same time I was so glad they were there to send us off.

We've been able to help several people move over the last two years of living in the city. Having our trusty Toyota truck sure comes in handy!

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