Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy Couponer

I've been clipping coupons pretty actively for four months now. I didn't know how serious I would get when I first started so I was reluctant to really invest in any organization tools. Seriously, I just didn't think I should spend $5-10 in order to stay organized in my money-saving attempts!

Instead I had three separate envelopes. One for grocery coupons, one for drugstore items, and a third for the coupons I would be bringing to the store. Every week I would go through and pull out any coupons that matched sale items or items I just had to buy that week and put them in that third envelope. I was trying to avoid looking like a crazy lady with all of my coupons.

Clipping time!

This is an example of what my drugstore coupon envelope looked like. Like products were kept together with paperclips. It wasn't all that bad but I found myself constantly looking through each stack trying to find the right category and then looking through that group of coupons for the specific one I needed. It was getting to be too much work to find my coupons!

I finally broke down and bought the baseball card protector pages that couponers recommend. I just bought one package of 25 pages, so hopefully I can keep it contained! But just look at how much easier it is to find a coupon now!

I still have a little more organizing to do, and I'm sure every time there are new coupons to add I'll have to clean it up again. But I think in the long run, this will work just great! 

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