Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Walk for Life

We did it again! We beat my original fundraising goal by over $100! Thank you so much blog readers, Facebook stockers, friends and family -- you are making a huge impact in the work of Alpha Pregnancy Center.

The walk was on Saturday and I have to tell you, it went so much better than I had anticipated. I had signed up to be a team leader, meaning I would try to recruit people to participate in the walk and raise support, lead them on our route to deliver gifts and get them to the park for the celebratory picnic. I rarely step up to lead something like this, so it was a step out of my comfort area and since I had only done the walk one other time, I was feeling a little inexperienced.

Well, six of my friends and one dog agreed to do the walk with me. I am so thankful for their encouragement and willingness to join the cause. An additional six people were assigned to my team right before the walk (a wonderful family with four little boys). So, me and my twelve teammates walked 3.5 miles to deliver gifts and supplies to two families.

 When we arrived at the first home, we rang the bell and waited for what seemed like a long time. Then a woman with a little girl came to the door; I asked if she was "M" and she smiled and said she was who we were looking for. We explained why we had come and what we brought for her and her family. Her smiled filled her face and she started to tear up a little. The little girl had no idea what was going on but continued to stare at the twelve people standing outside her door.

We prayed with her and she gave hugs all around. Her daughter even gave me a sweet little hug. She thanked us as we walked away. I was so touched by her response to our coming. All we did was walk. Alpha had done all the real leg work in preparing her gifts and planning the event. Alpha does the real work of providing whatever this mom needs as she raises her daughter. She was so grateful. I pray she comes to know our Father, the true provider!

As we walked to the second home, about a mile away, I got to know the family that had joined our team a little better. I don't know if I'll ever see them again, but they are such a sweet family with hearts broken for the unborn. I really enjoyed hearing part of their story.

I had been warned that the second family we were to visit only spoke Spanish, and I was thankful one of my teammates knows a little of the language. I asked her to take the lead in introducing us and giving the family the gifts. Once she started talking to them, she found out that they do actually speak English too! This made our visit much easier! There were actually multiple families living in the home so we prayed with everyone.

The picnic in the park was really fun too as we ate and fellowshipped with people from the other teams.   There was face painting and even an inflatable obstacle course for the kids, so they were having a blast!
The director of the center shared a testimony with us and encouraged us to continue praying for them as they raise funds to being offering ultrasounds to their clients. Then she gave our prizes for the oldest and youngest walkers, the people who raised the most support and the person who recruited the most people. I won that last award -- two tickets to the Aquarium!

Thanks again to everyone who encouraged, prayed and sponsored Chris and I on the Walk for Life this year. Stay tuned for the next one!

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