Saturday, October 6, 2012

Money Making Rebates

A few weeks back, my husband was shopping for oil for the car and truck. He has been changing the oil himself since we got married. After a few minutes in the store, he came back out to the truck asking me to come in to the auto parts store with him. (Odd, I know.) 

He had found a rebate offer on the oil he wanted to buy but there was limit of one per person. I haven't had much experience with rebates but this one was a pretty high value. The oil was marked as $30 and the rebate was for $20 back in the form of a store credit (which is fine since we will be back in three months or so). When we brought the oil up to the register, it actually rang up on sale at $17.99.


He bought one and I bought one. Yesterday we got our first rebate card in the mail. Not only did we get our money back, but we made a couple dollars on it!

My husband found that deal all on his own, without my help or my normal couponing resources. I should have him do the shopping more often!

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