Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tumbler Quilt for Baby G

I had quite a bit of fabric left over from the first quilt I had made last spring so I decided to try to get another quilt done with the same fabric. I chose a different pattern (because no two babies should have the same quilt) that was a little less time intense but still looked really cute.  The pattern is called a Tumbler quilt, I found my inspiration here on Pinterest. I didn't buy the pattern, rather I watched a few online tutorials and then did it my own way!

I tried a few different methods but the one I ended up using to cut my material was really basic and simple to do. The first step was cutting out 5x5 squares. Then, using the grid on my self-healing mat, I cut of an angled 1" from each side to make the isosceles trapezoid (yeah, I had to look that up). See the image below:

Then I laid them all out trying to find the most appealing pattern. I should have kept that picture next to me the whole time I sewed it together; since each row is shaped differently it was important to keep it the same so it lined up in the end. (I know this now!)

Step three was stitching the pieces together to form rows, then sewing the rows together which went pretty fast.

And then came creating the back. I didn't have enough fabric of any one color so I pieced together 5" rows. I love how it turned out too. Almost as fun as the front!

I decided to "stitch in the ditch" for quilting the pieces together, meaning I sewed over the seems. Next time, I think  I might dare to do some sort of free-hand, it'll be a lot harder, but I think the end result would be really neat.

I forgot to write down the finished size, it's quite small, probably 20x30. Just big enough to play on until the baby starts really moving, the perhaps it'll be a lap quilt for story time!


Molly said...

Very Cool

srbabiak said...

Love it Emily!

Sandy Wertheim said...

Emily, this is so cute. I hope I find some time to work on a quilt as you have.