Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend with (part) of the Family

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit my sister. Even though we were just there a couple of months ago, I could not skip this trip.  My parents had planned a week-long visit there and I could not let my parents get that close to me without actually seeing them! I hadn't seen them since sister's wedding in January which makes this the official longest time I had gone without seeing them (13.5 months).

Anyway, it was really a whirl-wind trip but I'm still going to break it up into two posts. First, I want to share a few photos from our drive to the Grand Canyon. We took off early on Friday morning, drove five or so hours and had just three hours left of daylight to walk a mile or so of the South Rim Trail. My parents had never seen it before (I don't know if my sister had or not) so there were many stops for photos! It was so cold. I think the high that day was in the mid-thirties, which for this girl equals freezing.

Other highlights of that first day were: Eating at Sonic (a first for my parents), having the rental car stall a few times, and having a leaking toilet in our hotel room. But on the plus side, the roads were clear, the sky was blue and there were no crowds at the park. We also watched the sunset over the canyon which was pretty amazing (and oh, so cold).

After a leisurely continental breakfast we bundled up for another day at the canyon. This time we wanted to do a little more hiking. However, the hike I picked out was a little too steep and long for some. The girls turned back and walked a bit more of the Rim Trail while the men wandered down the rocky trail for half a mile or so. (I don't think they liked us girls being by ourselves). We spent the rest of the afternoon taking in the views of the different points along the rim and then headed back to Las Vegas.

We had a wonderful time all together! It was much different from the memories I have of our road-trip vacations where the car is stuffed and crowded and most of us had a hard time entertaining ourselves (because we were kids... stuck in a car). This time we had great conversations and it gave us plenty of time to catch up!

I'll be posting more photos on Facebook soon!

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