Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby B: 38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks

How big is the baby: Weighing about 6 pounds and measuring 19-22 inches long (according to those lovely Internet statistics).

Sleep: I've had a few nights where I go through long stretches without waking up, which is great. And then I am informed that I snore . . . a lot. Otherwise, it's about every 2 to 3 hours that I'm up, using the bathroom and feeling wide awake. I guess my body is getting me used to something!

Best moment of the week:
Feeling more ready for Baby B to join us. We're getting our apartment put together and creating more space. We received a lot of gifts and hand-me-downs that have us feeling much more prepared!

Worst thing: Swelling. My hands and face are starting to show signs of swelling as well. Not my favorite thing.

Symptoms: Swollen ankles, hands, face and a growing (daily) belly. Fatigue.

Movement: There isn't much space left to move so when Baby B does decide to squirm and wiggle it feels pretty intense. Baby is mostly sticking to the right side of my belly, making me look a little off center.

What I miss: Speed walking. Seriously, I just walk so much slower these days. It takes me a little longer to get anywhere. 

Food Cravings: Sweets. Chocolate. I'm addicted. I may need help.

Food Aversions: I can't think of anything!

Maternity Clothes:
Jeans have not been the most comfortable lately. I am wearing my yoga pants around the house more and more.

Things People Say: Street people are often the most bold in saying something to me, usually it's nice. Like "Congratulations!" or "I hope things go well." The other day, I had a man tell me that he would be available to be a daddy any time I needed . . . AAHH, get me out of here! I got on the bus as quickly as I could after that!

Exercise: My workouts have become more stretching routines than actual workouts. Walking is my main form of cardio these days. I put in my cancellation notice with my gym membership. Only two weeks left. Why quit the gym when I'll be needing to get back in shape after the baby comes? . . . I'll blog about that some other time.

Last Appointment: September 11 - We discussed baby care and car seat safety. There were a few more tests I had to take but so far everything looks great.

Next Appointment:
September 25

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