Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Shower #2

Last week, my co-workers blessed us with a baby shower. It was open to all of my co-workers, men and women, all departments. It was a pretty decent sized party! The dessert table was decorated in green and purple and covered with desserts of all kinds - some even gluten free!

There were a couple of games to be played: Guessing the gender, birth date, time of birth, weight and length of baby (we won't know the winner of that one for a while!); and a celebrity baby name game, which we failed.

Then we dug into the pile of gifts! Everyone was so generous and blessed us with such great gifts! Toys, clothing, soaps, a diaper pail, soft blankets, and cards filled with sweet sweet words.

It was a great shower—we truly felt showered with love and support for our baby. It was also a great time spent with my co-workers. I only have a week or so left of work before my maternity leave begins, so ending with a party seemed appropriate!

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