Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby B: Three Months Old

How is it possible that we've crossed the 12-week mark and my baby is three months old and I have to go back to work? I just don't know if I'm ready for life to really start again. I love being home with William, so I'm doing all I can to make working from home work for me and my organization. But, back to William:

Yes, he is three months old. He's charming really. Just as his refusal to take the bottle or go to sleep starts to really tire you out, he puts on that gorgeous ear-to-ear smile that shows of his pink gums and dimples. And your heart melts and you regain your strength to go at it for another fifteen minutes. More rocking and shushing and walking and singing until finally, those deep, blue eyes that don't want to miss out on anything close tightly shut.

Those big blue eyes are so fascinated with the world around him now, specifically walls and ceilings. They just crack him up sometimes. His smiles are more frequent, his sounds are more cheerful and his eyes really do light up when I come into his line of vision.

He can't quite grab on to his toys yet, but he'll swing his arms in attempt to do so. His neck is getting stronger and he's getting the idea of lifting his head for tummy time, although it is still hard work.

I'm not sure of his measurements right now as he doesn't have a checkup until next month, but he's growing, that is for sure. His face is rounding out some and he has once again outgrown his clothes. We are now in the 3-6 month size as the plain-old-3-month outfits are just too short. If I were to guess, I'd say he's 25 inches and 12.5 - 13 pounds. And he loves to show you just how tall he is by stretching out his legs. No more cradling this baby!

I think he's eating better, although I still have a hard time keeping up; yes we're still supplementing with formula a few times everyday. He is starting to sleep longer -- we had two nights in a row of 5 hours! (Too bad they started at 6 p.m. - otherwise you would have two very rested parents!) No matter what time he goes to bed, when 5 a.m. comes around he is up and ready to play.

Cloth diapers are still working really well for us; we did take a week off and used disposables for our trip home. Originally we had planned to take them with us, but didn't have the space in our luggage!

William met a ton of people this month from Minnesota. Aunts and Uncles, Great Aunts and Uncles, his Great-Great Aunt, second cousins and friends. He has now met my entire family and will hopefully meet Chris's siblings this spring.

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