Saturday, March 22, 2014

Couponing for Baby Things and more

We needed a few things for William this week: Vitamin D drops and disposable diapers. I meant to get in on a Huggies deal last week but totally forgot about it, so I went with the Pampers deal this week at CVS. I had also been waiting to get the baby Vitamin D until I had a 20% off CVS store coupon which I received in my email this last Thursday, so I was all set to go today. Once again, I had a few transactions and a few extra goodies to make it even better.

#1: 2 packages Stride Gum on sale for $2/2 with $1 Extra Care Buck. Used $1/2 coupon.
      1 Sundown Calcium Vitamin on sale for $7 with $4 ECB. Used $2/1 coupon.
      1 Crest Sensitive with Scope toothpaste on sale for $4.99 with $4 ECB. Used $1/1 coupon.
Paid $9.99 (before tax) and received $9 ECB
*This purchase was totally not necessary, but the deals were just so good and it would help pay for the diapers.

#2: 4 packages of Pampers Diapers (32 ct) on sale for $8.99 each, and $10 ECB when you spend $30
      Used 4 $1.50/1 coupons and the $9 ECB from previous transaction
Paid $20.96 and got $10 ECB (tax was a whopping $3.33 which sticks... )

#3: Baby D-Vi-Sol not on sale at all $11.99
      1 Dozen eggs on sale for $1.79 (so much cheaper than Safeway)
      2 Cans Tuna $.88 each
      Used 20% off coupon for D-Vi-Sol and the $10 ECB from previous purchase
Paid $3.14 (before tax)

Total paid: $34.09 ($39.47 with tax)

*If I had just purchased the diapers (with the same coupons/deal) and the baby vitamin, I would have spent $28.96 before tax. So for an extra $5.13 I got a lot more stuff!

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