Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our 2nd Annual Oscar Party

On Sunday (March 2) we hosted our second Oscar Party! The first one (two years ago) was a big hit and we were so bummed out that we had to miss it last year I wanted to make sure we did it this year.  I didn't have time or energy to recreate the wheel so I reused a lot of the same decorations or ideas I had before. I did update the photo booth and ballots. I think we maxed out the capacity of our little apartment this year but had a great time!

I made cocktail meatballs, put out some cheese and crackers, a veggie tray, fruit cups and had Chris make is famous guacamole. Friends brought wine, wine and more wine . . . and a few other delicious snacks and dishes. 

We started the night out filling out ballots, snacking on food and catching up with friends. We rarely get time to be with them anymore! Then once the show got going, we cheered and/or discussed the academy's choice of winner. Toward the end of the night, we had people count up how many movies they had seen that were nominated and the winner took home a goodie bag of popcorn and candy.  And when the last award was announced, everyone tallied how many categories they got right and that winner took home a Fandango gift card. The last prize (a Redbox gift card) went to the person who correctly answered Chris's trivia questions. 

The photo booth turned out well enough. I added a few mustaches-on-a-stick props that people got a kick out of. And of course, my paper-cut-out Oscar! 

William also got dressed up for the event, although after refusing to take a nap all afternoon had to turn in early. He actually slept through the whole thing and woke up as our last guest closed the door (of course). Maybe next year he'll get in on the action. (The vintage photo is actually due to a flash mishap . . . but it was the only photo that William actually smiled in!)

I haven't had a chance to blog about this girl - Sarah. She is my cousin. She and her husband moved out here after Thanksgiving last year. I've only gotten to see her a few times, but it turns out we are sort of neighbors! It's s great having family in the city! And I was so glad she could come to our party.

The evening was a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again next year! 

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