Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baby B: Seven Months Old

This past month has had a lot of changes for little William Bradley. Five days after his six month "birthday" he began teething and he hasn't had a break since. Only the front two teeth on the bottom have made an appearance but I know others aren't far behind. William is usually a fairly happy baby. He smiles and laughs and seems to really enjoy people. But teething has caused a lot of pain which brings a lot of tears.

He is ticklish! Which I love. He is also getting the hang of peek-a-boo and gives the biggest smiles when you reveal yourself. I love his laugh. Sometimes its a throaty "ah" sound and other times its a high pitched squeal. His mouth gets wide showing off his gums and two teeth, and his dimples appear. It's the best.

He has also been exploring more. He gets up on his hands and knees, willing himself to move forward but can't quite coordinate everything to work as it should. He inches his way around by scooting bit by bit; first his knees, then his hands. When reaching for a toy he slides back down to his belly.

He is able to sit up on his own, but is still pretty unstable. I've always got a hand or pillow inches a way ready to catch his fall. He is enjoying his more interactive toys too. The musical ones with lights always keep his attention the longest. He likes story time too -- at least I like to think so. He's less squirmy now when I pull out the books and he'll grab at the pages too -- even if it is only to put them in his mouth!

I'd also like to think that he is starting to recognize the other babies in our community. He has had a few times to interact with them now and I hope one day soon they'll actually be able to "play." Right now, they grab at each others hands and feet and hope to make it to their mouths.

We've attempted to be more serious with sleep training this past week. Our pediatrician recommended it was time to forgo the nightly feedings. Our timing coincided with teething so it's been a little more painful for everyone. She said it would take three days and he'd catch on, but after seven we are still waking up two to three times every night. I was ready to put my foot down and remain strong this time but after day five, I melted. I can't seem to stay consistent long enough for it to make a difference.

I don't have any new measurements to report, but he's growing! My arms have started to burn with his constant jumping/bouncing when he is in my arms. Standing still just won't do.

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