Friday, May 16, 2014

First Mother's Day

I realized that although I wrote about my mother for Mother's Day, I'd still like to remember my own Mother's Day, too! Not at all to pay tribute to myself, but to record what happened for my own memory's sake.

It's true that last year, Chris got me a sweet card and flowers for Mother's Day although Baby B was just starting to make an appearance around my middle. This year, was my first Mother's Day that I could hold my sweet baby boy and relish in the fact that I'm his mom.

(And as I type this, I'm aware of many friends who have lost babies this year and my heart breaks. I want to stop writing this right now in case it makes someone hurt more. But I need to continue. I'm sorry.)

His hugs and smiles are the very best part of my day, and although most days have something about them that is hard or doesn't go as planned, I still love spending my days with my son. There is nothing better.

Mother's Day weekend started with the flu. I had a fever of 101 on Friday night and tried to lay low on Saturday (as hard as that was for me). Chris was home so he did all the laundry, chores I couldn't do and helped out with William. I was grateful for the rest. I started a new project which I've been waiting to do for months. But the more I did the weaker I felt so I had to put it away for another day.

Chris surprised me that night with a bouquet of roses, a spoon rest and a wonderful card. There's a story behind the spoon rest so it was a cute, thoughtful gift.

I did feel better on Sunday which I was glad for. It was my Pastor's last day at our church as he had just put in his resignation the week before under terrible circumstances which left my heart feeling broken and sad. I was so thankful I got to attend his last service and say good bye -- as hard as that was.

Chris had to work for the rest of the day so William and I went home and had a sweet day of playing together. We also skyped with my mom for a long time which was really nice. I don't get to have long conversations with her as much as I used to.

I didn't want to be upset that Chris had to work and I had to be home with William. I didn't want to think "this is suppose to be my day" because although it would have been nice to get a massage or go shopping or have alone time, being with my son was special too. He'll only be this little, seven month old baby boy whose trying so hard to crawl for a little while longer.

This mama doesn't sleep regularly or eat regularly or do anything that she used to do in the way of cooking or crafts, but life is still good, if not better because of William.

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