Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vegas, Baby!

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas visiting my sister, her husband and their daughter. They are planning to move back to Minnesota later this summer so this was our last chance to visit them when they are still within driving distance. We couldn't miss the opportunity.

We started our drive on Friday night in hopes that William would sleep. We got him ready for bed just as we do every night only this time, instead of putting him in the crib, he went in the carseat. He didn't like it one bit and let us know it for several hours. We stopped in Bakersfield, the half-way point and spent the night in a hotel. Chris and I got about 4-5 hours of sleep and got back on the road the next morning to finish the drive. William continued to protest. Not only did he hate being strapped in but he refused to drink the formula I brought with us. . . and my pump didn't work in the car like it should have. (TMI, sorry.) The family road trip was more than exhausting but we were so exited to be in Las Vegas. . . finally.

When we arrived, Molly and I sat down with the babies and let them get reacquainted. Charlotte is just 3 months older than William. They had met before but this was the first time they noticed each other and tried playing together. So much fun!

I had a list of fifteen things I wanted to do with my sister, but I knew that most of them wouldn't happen because 1) we had two days together and 2) we have babies. 

Molly picked up a kiddy pool and the babies joined us for their first "swim." Charlotte and William both loved the water! It was the best way to spend time outside in the 100 degree weather!

Molly and I made it to the mall one night, 15 minutes before it closed. I tried on more dresses in that time than I have in the past four years! I miss shopping with my sisters and wish it could have been a whole day, but I'll take what I can get.

Chris and Quintin spent an afternoon at a casino.

Molly and Quintin cooked and grilled amazing food for us: eggs benedict with asparagus, biscuits and gravy, kabobs, chicken fried rice and egg rolls . . . yum yum.

But most of our time was spent hanging out with William and my niece! William sure loved watching Charlotte walk around with the help of the furniture to hang on to. I had no idea how much he was watching her until we got home and he tried to do the same thing--all day long!

I loved seeing how Charlotte has grown and changed since I last saw her at Christmas time. She's eating, mostly feeding herself, walking some and crawling quickly. All things that William will be doing in the very near future. Charlotte is a happy little girl most of the time and loves "talking." 

It was sad to leave them, but we had to leave early Tuesday morning to make the trip back to San Francisco in one day. William did much better on the way back, the first 10 hours were great . . . the last two, not so much! Teething is never fun, strapped in a carseat or not!

I am so thankful we got to see them before they moved.  Any opportunity to see family is a blessing. And we had such a wonderful time together!

**Now, if I would have remembered my real camera, it would have been perfect. 
Thankfully, my phone isn't too awful**

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