Friday, May 23, 2014

The Park

Very rarely do I take time to go to the park. Our city as several really great parks, two of which are very close.  I guess I shouldn't say I don't go to the parks, I do. I walk there. And I walk back. Rarely, if ever do I sit down to enjoy the outdoors.

A few weeks ago, a couple of friends invited us to a nearby park for a baby-play date. I want William to know other babies and since I work from home, he rarely gets the opportunity to be around other people. Now that he's a little more interested in his surroundings, it seemed like a great time to explore the park and actually sit down on the grass with a buddy.

It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time. It helped that there were adult beverages and a slack line to entertain the grown ups, but the babies at a good time too--grabbing and poking each other!

It was so great, that a few days later, when the heat wave came causing it to be unbearable inside, I took William to the park by myself to enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze. I had to get out of my house. We only have a couple of little box fans that didn't seem to help at all. By mid afternoon, it was 80 degrees inside!

I didn't just walk there and back. I stopped. I took out a blanket and a few toys and sat under a tree with my little boy. I'm not sure why spending time outside like this intimated me. It was really no different than sitting on the carpet in our apartment except for the added benefit of the fresh air and beauty around me which made me feel so much better. It was relaxing (in a make-sure-he-doesn't-eat-bark kind of way).

Not the best selfie, I know, but it's proof that 1) we are in the park
 and 2) I'm wearing a tank top in SF, which has never happened before.

I know we need to get outside more and it has been my goal to do so on a daily basis. Hopefully we'll have more time to spend hanging out in parks this summer!

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