Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby B2: Week 19

How far along: 19 weeks 

How big is the baby: about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches (according to those lovely Internet statistics)

Sleep:  I haven't been sleeping great for a long time. I'm really not very big yet so it's mostly because I have to use the bathroom every three hours. I'm seriously getting up twice or even three times every night. And there really is no such thing as "sleeping in" when you have a two year old who wakes up before dawn every day. During the first trimester, I was dog-tired all day long, now I can usually manage to keep going until bedtime. I heard William saying "Momma tired" a lot during those first few weeks. Yes, Toddler Boy, I was so very tired.

Best moment of the week: Getting to tell more people!

Worst thing: fatigue/not sleeping 

Symptoms: I still have bouts of nauseousness even now. Usually for a little while after breakfast and then again after dinner. Eating a snack usually helps and drinking more water is a must. 

Movement: I have felt Baby B2 move quite a few times in the last few days! I'm excited for more!

What I miss: Wine, energy and sleep

Food Cravings: Chocolate -- always (but that was even before I was pregnant)

Food Aversions: Orange juice is the biggest one . . . but I still drink it with my vitamins

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I think this points out more than anything that the last few pairs of jeans I bought (online) were not a great fit . . . and should have been returned. But hey, I get to wear them now!

Things People Say: The funniest story so far is a good friend asked me if I was feeling okay (prior to her knowing my news). I said, "Yeah, just a little tired." She says "Are you sure? You're glowing" I had to laugh. She knew. Exhaustion never really looks "glowing" does it? She was so sweet to use such a nice word to describe it!

Exercise: I wish. I'm back to physical therapy for pain I was having in my foot and back six months ago. So, there's some core strengthening happening, and walks to the park, it's been cold and rainy so even that isn't happening much.
Last Appointment: December 16th with a midwife (who was just about as tired as I was). I hadn't even thought to think of questions to ask. We both just kind of sat there and then she let me hear the heart beat (our first time hearing it) which was amazing.

Next Appointment: 20-ish week ultrasound on January 22**We won't be finding out the gender of our little one until he or she enters the world in June**

He really wanted to be in the picture with me!
*This update is eerily similar to this one.

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